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Summary Date Location Description
South China Morning Post More families turn to food banks 2011/08/29   SCMP campaigns to raise money ... 
Hong Kong Family Welfare Association Visit 2011/08/26 Kindness Centre   
Leighton Hill Food Donation 2011/08/18    
Visit Hong Kong History Museum 2011/08/13 Hong Kong History Museum   
Mainetti (HK) Limited Invention 2011/07/21 Kindness Centre  Mainetti (HK) Limited Invented ... 
Saving International (Holdings) Limited Food Donation 2011/06/15 Kwun Tong Warehouse   
Golden Diary (HK) Limited Milk Powder Donation 2011/04/26 Kindness Centre   
Braemar Hill Mansions Food Donation 2011/03/08    
Singapore International School Food Drive Program 2011/03/08    
Hong Yip Service Co. Ltd. Food Donation 2011/03/04    
Disneyland WDI Office Food Donation 2011/03/02    
Vision City Food Donation 2011/03/02    
Goldman Sachs Food Donation 2011/03/01    
Clovelly Court Food Donation 2011/02/22    
Sun Hung Kai 8 Shopping Malls CNY Gift Transfer Kick-off 2011/02/16 East Point City   
Allianz Global Investors Asia Pacific Gmbh Food Donation 2011/02/15    
Shamshuipo Computer Festival 2011/02/14 Golden Shopping Arcade   
"Love & Share" Charity Challenge Day 2011/02/13 Cyberport   
Goodwell Sam Cheong Grocery Company Limited Food Donation 2011/02/09 Kwun Tong Warehouse   
Beacon Hill School Visit 2011/02/08 Kindness Centre   
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