Event ReportEvent Report

Summary Date Location Description
Vitasoy International Holdings Limited Donation 2010/11/24 Kwun Tong Warehosue   
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency 2010/11/23 Kindness Centre   
Munsang College Kindergarten Donation 2010/11/23    
LOG Meal Coupon Donation 2010/11/21 Bank of America Tower Fairwood   
The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Food Donation 2010/11/14 Aberdeen Stadium   
Buhhdist Door Noodles Donation 2010/11/11    
童真堂Donation 2010/11/11 Kwun Tong Warehosue   
Abracadabra Communications Ltd Rice Donation 2010/11/09 Kindness Centre   
Hong Kong Shue Yan University Department of Journalism and Communication Visit 2010/11/09 Sai On Centre   
ELCHK Nam Cheong Kindergarten Visit 2010/11/05 Kindness Centre   
Sharp-Roxy (Hong Kong) Limited Food Donation 2010/11/04 Kindness Centre   
The Wrigley Company (HK) Ltd Donation 2010/11/03 Kwun Tong Warehouse   
Hong Kong Police Force Marine North Division Food Donation 2010/10/28    
Holy Family Canossian College Visit 2010/10/22 Kindness Centre   
Chinese Temples Committee Rice Donation 2010/10/18 Sai On Centre   
Standard Chartered Bank(HK) Limited GTO Charity Fun Day 2010/10/16 Cyberport  It raised about HK$130,000 for ... 
Harbour Plaza Resort City Food Donation 2010/10/15 Harbour Plaza Resort City   
ARA Group Food Donation 2010/10/09 Kindness Centre   
Friesland Campina (Hong Kong) Limited Milk Donation 2010/09/29 Kwun Tong Warehouse   
The Wrigley Company (H.K.) Limited Food Donation 2010/09/29 Kwun Tong Warehouse   
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