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Summary Date Location Description
Universal Buddhist Merciful Society Food Donation 2012/02/13   Universal Buddhist Merciful So ... 
Creative Primary School Food Donation 2012/01/06   Creative Primary School donate ... 
ESF International Kindergarten (Hillside) Food Donation 2011/12/20    
Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School Food Drive 2011/12/19    
ICS Trust (Asia) Limited Food Donation 2011/12/19    
MGPA (Asia) Limited Food Donation 2011/12/19    
香港商報 - 5000貧童收有營聖誕禮包 2011/12/18   【香港商報訊】記者黃燕儀報道:臨近聖誕節,不少人都會準備聖誕 ... 
HKU x SJC Centenary Round the Island 2011/12/17 HKU St John's College  All the proceeds from HKU x S ... 
New Year Fair 2011/12/17 Ning Po School   
Pooi To Middle School Food Drive Program 2011/12/16    
The Independent Schools Foundation Academy Food Drive 2011/12/16    
Meal Coupon Campaign 2011/12/11 Bank of America Fairwood Fast Food Restaurant   
Community Business Limited Food Donation 2011/12/10    
Shek O Food Drive 2011/12/10    
Euro Foodstuff (International) Co. Ltd Food Donation 2011/12/08    
Ocean Park Food Donation 2011/12/08    
Kingston International School Food Donation 2011/12/02    
Victoria Shanghai Academy Food Donation 2011/12/02    
David Exodus Kindergarten Food Donation 2011/11/28    
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Food Donation 2011/11/28    
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