Summary Date Description
AXA iRun for Love Charity Run 2015/05/31 With the support of The AXA Group and Commercial Radi ... 
Chinese New Year Fair 2011/01/29  
Christmas Food Maze in Noah's Ark 2010/12/04 From 4 Dec 2010 to 4 Jan 2011, People's Food Bank has ... 
Caring Company 2009/2010 2010/03/25  
‘‘St. James’ Settlement 60th Anniversary Celebration cum Pledge to Halt Food Waste” programme gala event 2009/11/14 Let’s pledge to halt food waste! St. James’ Settlement ... 
The Link Super Jetso Viva Closing Ceremony 2009/09/13  
Health Check Charity Fund Food Drive 2009/08/11  
LINK Program 2009/07/15  
Commercial Radio Taxi Driver Volunteer Service 2009/07/12  
Chairty Movie Screening 2009/05/31  
Master Come 2009/03/26  
Sai Kung Food Drive 2009/02/22  
Grand Opening of Kindness Centre 2009/02/14  
St. James' Cup Charity Golf Tournament 2005 2005/07/08 
Christmas Food Tree (IBM) 2004/12/20  
Christmas Donation (Outback Steakhouse Outback Grill) 2004/11/01